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For those uninitiated with fri(G)id, they have been performing in bars, DIY spaces, and houses for the past few years. Each performance, seemingly better than the last, captivates and punishes alike. The Terminology Is Flawed is the first official recorded document of the project. Layers of abrasive audio concrete meld with vocals and topical speech samples. Pain, gender, identity at large, and the intersection of these topics are all explored, the album title a thesis statement. Among the standout tracks are “Strait Talk,” featuring Fatplastik, “Efficacy (Penis Envy),” and the crushing album closer, “Vagina Wasp.” Mastered by Baltimore noise luminary Eric Trude (a.k.a. Stress Orphan), Terminology hits like a semi-truck, exactly how a great harsh noise album should sound. —Corey Cruse, ANTIGRAVITY, July 2017 issue


The one person experimental music project fri(G)id has been performing in New Orleans since 2015 in basements, underground venues, theaters, houses and bars in their home city. A leading figure in harsh end of the amorphous New Orleans noise scene, they regularly book shows and curated the Experimental Showcase series in 2016 which highlighted emerging experimental artists and strived for full inclusion of queer, trans and female artists… 2017 saw the first recorded release from fri(G)id the album which features the strong harsh noise sound and themes of sexual inner conflict that represents the of the first two years of the project.

After the albums’ release fri(G)id began to transition to the current soundscape that demonstrates a darkly intense yet emotional free-form industrial constructed mostly of distorted vocals and slow pounding beats. They are currently working on a 30 minute concept piece titled “Alexithymia/Attachment Panic” and writing songs for the next album “Emergency Contact” both of which tackle themes of emotional alienation and neglect trauma.

Fri(G)id will touring the US for the first time in May of 2018.


"Another killer tape from the New Orleans PE scene. I can only guess that it’s somehow connected to the @jouissance.du.rien camp, as there was no additional info with the tape, nor is there a label or catalog number listed on the cassette. If it’s a stand-alone, conceptual release - well it’s a great one. (Upon further research, the person behind this project is one Simon Severe (@frigidnoize). The tape contains ten varied yet consistently punishing, frighteningly intense tracks of Queer Noise / (Power) Electronics with prominent, severely anguished vocals. I find it comparable to the previously reviewed #Lacanthrope and #StraightPanic as well, all excellent projects that elevate the stature of P.E. in my opinion. The lyrical/literary content is yet again an integral part of the project, the subject is sexual identity, self and language - the title of the release sums it up perfectly. I really dig the two lyric foldouts with all the collages - designed by Simon Severe as well). Included is an excerpt from the track ‘Mirror Mask’ (if I’m correct). To quote the back cover: “I Thought I Knew What I Wanted Until I Found It. I Thought I Knew Who I Was Until I Became It.” Brilliant material, in my (s)expertly opinion. Must seek out, some of the strongest stuff I’ve encountered in the genre (of harsh electronics/PE). A CD version is also available, rightfully so - this is highly worthwhile material." Undergroundtapereview on Instagram Review 42. (01/30/18)